Distance Calculator and Driving Directions Terengganu (Malaysia)

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Distance From Address, Place, City etc.
Distance To Address, Place, City etc.
Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Kuala TerengganuCukai124.48
Alor LintahApi Rokok168.03
Ayer JernehBaroh Bongor148.36
Baroh MasinBaroh Pahlawan51.46
Beris Tok SabohBukit Besi139.69
Bukit PayongChabang Tiga9.97
Hujong Kampong Pulau KerenggaJebak Puyoh99.64
Kampong AlorKampong Alor Beango84.02
Kampong Alor BongorKampong Alor Bongor51.77
Kampong Alor FatimahKampong Alor Jok165.13
Kampong Alor KeladiKampong Alor Limbat85.2
Kampong Alor LitKampong Alor Panjang121.87
Kampong Alor SelinsingKampong Alor Tuman110.87
Kampong AmirKampong Apal Lama9.27
Kampong ApekKampong Arus Mati164.02
Kampong AsingKampong Awang36.28
Kampong AwekKampong Ayer186.42
Kampong Ayer PutehKampong Ayer Tawar9.45
Kampong Ayer TerjunKampong Ayor152.98
Kampong BaharuKampong Baharu58.89
Kampong BaharuKampong Baharu31.39
Kampong BaharuKampong Baharu26.21
Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Kampong BaharuKampong Baharu67.71
Kampong BakapKampong Bakau Tinggi185.11
Kampong Balai BesarKampong Balai Maras86.15
Kampong BalohKampong Baloh87.66
Kampong BaluKampong Banggol61.86
Kampong BanggolKampong Banggol44.06
Kampong Banggol BinjaiKampong Banggol Kemang11.12
Kampong Banggol LunasKampong Banggol Nibong20.63
Kampong Banggol NyiorKampong Banggol Nyor26.1
Kampong Banggol PeradongKampong Banggol Setol8.26
Kampong Banggol SetorKampong Banggol Tuan Muda24.27
Kampong Ban HoKampong Barat109.4
Kampong BaratKampong Bari Kechil21.07
Kampong Baroh KuaKampong Baru157.32
Kampong BaruKampong Baru Bukit Besi35.15
Kampong BasongKampong Batangan38.94
Kampong Batang GergajiKampong Batin75.38
Kampong BatuKampong Batu Balai18.5
Kampong Batu BurokKampong Batu Hampar14.06
Kampong Batu HamparKampong Batu Itek48.4
Kampong Batu KelikirKampong Batu Merah38.18
Kampong Batu PahatKampong Batu Penunggol91.65
Kampong Batu PutehKampong Batu Sawah39.09
Kampong Batu SawarKampong Batu Tiong18.83
Kampong Batu TumbohKampong Baung75.36

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