Distance Calculator and Driving Directions Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia)

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Distance From Address, Place, City etc.
Distance To Address, Place, City etc.
Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
SerembanPort Dickson26.72
Kampong Baharu NilaiBahau68.48
TampinKuala Pilah29.71
Pelabuhan Kelang UtaraKampung Sirawang53.88
A Central VillageAmpangan62.86
A VillageAyer Kuning66.37
Ayer SejokBangsal Batu22.31
Batu EmpatSungai Bayai38.16
Bukit Gelugor New VillageB Village24.7
Dusun BawangDusun Durian Gerat1.85
Dusun JenokDusun Lebar2.62
Dusun LumbongD Village82.64
E VillageGaong Panjang56.69
Gedok New VillageJuasseh29
JugraKampong Abok60.64
Kampong AchehKampong Agam5.24
Kampong AmpanganKampong Ampang Serong11.86
Kampong Anak AchehKampong Anak Ayer Kundor7.86
Kampong Angga BisaKampong Api Api19.96
Kampong ArabKampong Asahan66.65
Kampong AtapKampong Ayer Besar46.28
Kampong Ayer DurianKampong Ayer Gelugor1.85
Kampong Ayer HatiKampong Ayer Hitam34.59
Kampong Ayer HitamKampong Ayer Kelubi34.15
Kampong Ayer KuningKampong Ayer Kuning48.7
Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Kampong Ayer MawangKampong Ayer Meleleh51.97
Kampong Ayer MelintangKampong Ayer Rawa28.32
Kampong Ayer RawahKampong Ayer Runtoh17.08
Kampong Ayer SekapasKampong Ayer Titian13.35
Kampong BachangKampong Bagan Pinang46.28
Kampong BaharuKampong Baharu25.99
Kampong BaharuKampong Baharu66.65
Kampong BaharuKampong Baharu14.81
Kampong BaharuKampong Baharu Bukit Temiang10.8
Kampong Baharu Che LahKampong Baharu Gedang Lalang13.1
Kampong Baharu JimahKampong Baharu Mantin18.9
Kampong Baharu PajamKampong Baharu Pantai17.56
Kampong Baharu ParoiKampong Baharu Rahang4.14
Kampong Balai ChinaKampong Balak71.26
Kampong Bandar TinggiKampong Bangka Hulu67.81
Kampong Bangsal KaporKampong Baning50.85
Kampong BariKampong Baru44.43
Kampong BatangKampong Batang Benar47.43
Kampong Batang BenarKampong Batang Kepis56.79
Kampong Batang MerebokKampong Batang Penajis18.9
Kampong Batang SeperiKampong Batu7.86
Kampong BatuKampong Batu Dua35.37
Kampong Batu Empat BelasKampong Batu Hampar26.32
Kampong Batu KatakKampong Batu Lapan59.35
Kampong Batu Lapan BelasKampong Batu Menunggol35.22

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