Distance Calculator and Driving Directions Kelantan (Malaysia)

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Distance From Address, Place, City etc.
Distance To Address, Place, City etc.
Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Kota BaharuKampong Pangkal Kalong24.37
Tanah MerahPeringat29.84
Gua MusangKampong Kadok128.06
Pasir MasTumpat18.89
Banggol JenerihBanggol Kemian9.45
Batu KarangBerangan54.01
Bukit AbalBukit Lada14.44
Bukit YongChabang Empat51.83
Chabang TigaChabang Tiga Melawi30.72
Dusun Durian ChabangDusun Manal25.71
Dusun Mok MorGual Kulim15.91
Gual To' ChanGual To' Pelandok3.71
Kampong AjinKampong Alor Badak9.25
Kampong Alor BakatKampong Alor Batu11.27
Kampong Alor DurianKampong Alor Ganu24.07
Kampong Alor GeliongKampong Alor Hijau4.14
Kampong Alor KelubiKampong Alor Masam31.46
Kampong Alor MelakaKampong Alor Pasir23.99
Kampong Alor PasirKampong Alor Pasir32.2
Kampong Alor PasirKampong Alor Pasir29.72
Kampong Alor PasirKampong Alor Piah18.89
Kampong Alor PulaiKampong Alor Tal31.46
Kampong Alor TapahKampong Alor Tok Majang34.35
Kampong Alor Tok MenbraKampong Alor Tualang22.24
Kampong AnaKampong Anak Bukit48.83
Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Kampong Anak TemesurKampong Apa Apa25.86
Kampong ApalKampong Apam56.89
Kampong ArilKampong Asahan Hilir42.13
Kampong Asahan HuluKampong Aur52.08
Kampong Aur DuriKampong Awah22.31
Kampong Ayer AsahanKampong Ayer Baik5.83
Kampong Ayer BatuKampong Ayer Berdang14.92
Kampong Ayer DinginKampong Ayer Merah48.74
Kampong Ayer MerahKampong Ayer Tawar56.41
Kampong Ayer TerjunKampong Ayer Terjun Pinang5.86
Kampong BachokKampong Badak21.06
Kampong BadakKampong Badak Mati30.55
Kampong Badak MatiKampong Badang19.94
Kampong BaganKampong Bagus26.63
Kampong BaharuKampong Baharu17.42
Kampong BaharuKampong Baharu9.97
Kampong Baharu Kuala TigaKampong Baharu Pasir Kelang11.84
Kampong Baharu Ulu KusialKampong Baka24.04
Kampong BakatKampong Bakat36.7
Kampong BakokKampong Bakong49.77
Kampong Bakong BesarKampong Baloh25.8
Kampong BandarKampong Banggol24.09
Kampong BanggolKampong Banggol20.37
Kampong BanggolKampong Banggol21.12
Kampong BanggolKampong Banggol9.93

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