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Trat (Thailand) Driving Distance Calculator, calculates the Distance and Driving Directions between two addresses, places, cities, villages, towns or airports in Trat (Thailand).
This distance and driving directions will also be displayed on google map labeled as Distance Map and Driving Directions Trat (Thailand).
The distance between cities of Trat (Thailand) is calculated in kilometers(kms), miles and nautical miles. Distance in miles gives you the mileage between cities by this Trat (Thailand) mileage calculator.
Trat (Thailand) Distance Chart (Distance Table): For your quick reference, below is a Distance Chart or Distance Table of distances between some of the major cities in Trat (Thailand).
[Note: The distance between cities in Trat (Thailand) distance chart below is straight line distance (may be called as flying or air distance) between the two locations in Trat (Thailand) calculated based on their latitudes and longitudes. This distance may be very much different from the actual travel distance.]

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Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
TratBan Bo Rai37.46
Ban Khlong SonBan Khlong Na0.79
Ban Hat Som PoiBan Hat San Chao0.69
Ban Hat Sai DaengBan Khlong Son44.94
Ban Khlong KwangBan Khlong Muang3.38
Ban Thung TongBan Khlong Sano Bon1.73
Ban NonsiBan Khlong Sano Lang1.63
Ban Khlong KaeoBan Ta Ngam8.38
Ban Chat SanBan Tak Waeng Lang3.17
Ban Tak Waeng BonBan Thung Yao0.59
Ban Hua ThungBan Muen Dan4.74
Ban Khlong LueBan Aeng Puk10.09
Ban Ao YaiBan Ao Yuan1.81
Ban ArawaBan Bang Bao41.55
Ban Bang InBan Bang Kradan84.53
Ban Bang PhetBan Bang Pit Bon (2)34.46
Ban Bang Pit LangBan Bo Hin20.01
Ban Bo I RemBan Bo Na Wong6.63
Ban Bung BonBan Chak Phak Bung5.85
Ban Cham RakBan Chang Klua24.01
Ban Chang ThunBan Chanthi37.42
Ban Chek Bae (1)Ban Chek Lak53.04
Ban Chum SaengBan Chum Saeng18.48
Ban Dan Chum PhonBan Dan Kao47.98
Ban Din DaengBan Hat Lek117.86
Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Ban Hin DongBan Huai Ai Phuak15.7
Ban Huai RaengBan Huang Nam Khao24.16
Ban Huang SomBan Kai Dak56.1
Ban Khan Na SungBan Khlong Aeng10.89
Ban Khlong ChakBan Khlong Chuk Ya85.54
Ban Khlong HinBan Khlong Khut16.04
Ban Khlong KhutBan Khlong Khwang Nok46.65
Ban Khlong KloiBan Khlong Makham66.88
Ban Khlong MayomBan Khlong Nonsi4.13
Ban Khlong OnBan Khlong Phanom Phrik25.29
Ban Khlong PhluBan Khlong Po24.16
Ban Khlong SaengBan Khlong Sano4.07
Ban Khlong SanoBan Khlong Sano7.63
Ban Khlong SokBan Khlong Son51.14
Ban Khlong SonBan Khlong Yai32.39
Ban Khlong YoBan Khot Sai104.53
Ban Ko KankraoBan Ko Khwang11.27
Ban Ko LoiBan Kraduk Chang20.33
Ban Laem ChanBan Laem Hin12.97
Ban Laem KhoBan Laem Kho Bon1.85
Ban Laem KlatBan Laem Makham20.27
Ban Laem MuangBan Laem Phrao18.98
Ban Laem PoBan Laem Sai11.69
Ban Laem SokBan Laem Ta Phan7.78
Ban Laem Thong LangBan Mai Rut49.1