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This is an online tool to calculate the Distance and Driving Directions between two addresses, places, cities, villages, towns or airports in Pathum Thani (Thailand).
This distance and driving directions will also be displayed on google map labeled as Distance Map and Driving Directions Pathum Thani (Thailand).
The distance between cities of Pathum Thani (Thailand) is calculated in kilometers(kms), miles and nautical miles. Distance in miles gives you the mileage between cities by this Pathum Thani (Thailand) mileage calculator.
Pathum Thani (Thailand) Distance Chart (Distance Table): For your quick reference, below is a Distance Chart or Distance Table of distances between some of the major cities in Pathum Thani (Thailand).
[Note: The distance between cities in Pathum Thani (Thailand) distance chart below is straight line distance (may be called as flying or air distance) between the two locations in Pathum Thani (Thailand) calculated based on their latitudes and longitudes. This distance may be very much different from the actual travel distance.]

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Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Ban RangsitKhlong Luang10.57
Ban Lam Luk KaBan Bang Kadi Pathum Thani26.83
Ban Ang TaekBan Bang Khu Wat17.11
Ban Bang Khwai (2)Ban Bang Krabu4.12
Ban Bang Kradi (1)Ban Bang Kwian9.27
Ban Bang NgiuBan Bang Pho5.84
Ban Bang PhunBan Bang Phut (3)9.44
Ban Bang Pla KlaiBan Bang Tanai58.89
Ban Bang ToeiBan Bun Bang Pla Ra45.61
Ban Bung Lam Nam (1)Ban Chiang Rak (1)34.21
Ban DuaBan Hua Pa3.6
Ban Kai TiaBan Khlong Bang Luang (1)9.18
Ban Khlong ChaoBan Khlong Chet Bon (2)34.36
Ban Khlong Chet (1)Ban Khlong Chet (2)4.12
Ban Khlong Ha (1)Ban Khlong Ha (2)7.41
Ban Khlong HokBan Khlong Hok11.12
Ban Khlong Hok (3)Ban Khlong Kao (3)8.09
Ban Khlong Kao (6)Ban Khlong Khwang Thai34.36
Ban Khlong Lak Khon (1)Ban Khlong Paet (1)49.62
Ban Khlong Paet (3)Ban Khlong Prem (5)26.17
Ban Khlong Sakae (1)Ban Khlong Sam28.77
Ban Khlong SamBan Khlong Sam9.27
Ban Khlong Sam Wa (3)Ban Khlong Si33.2
Ban Khlong Sip Et Saihang (1)Ban Khlong Sip Sam Lang5.39
Ban Khlong Sip Sam (2)Ban Khlong Sip Song Sai Lang (2)18.88
Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Ban Khlong Sip Song (4)Ban Khlong Sip (1)3.59
Ban Khlong Song (1)Ban Khlong Toei Nai (1)24.45
Ban Khlong TrongBan Khu Wat Kae60.65
Ban Klon (1)Ban Krachaeng4.05
Ban KroenBan Laem7.43
Ban LamaBan Lam Phaya Riang17.11
Ban Lat Chang (1)Ban Lat Krachaeng30.23
Ban Lat Lum Kaeo (1)Ban Lat Lum Kaeo (3)1.8
Ban Lat Nam Chieo (2)Ban Lat Phak Khuang59.32
Ban MakhamBan Nam Won2.58
Ban Nong SakaeBan Ong Phat (2)59.98
Ban Pak KhlongBan Pathum4.12
Ban Phrao (2)Ban Plai Khlong Rahaeng (1)23.44
Ban Plai Khlong Tham Ta BanBan Sam Khok16.28
Ban Sam LaeBan Suan Ma Muang5.16
Ban Tak Daet (1)Ban Talat Rangsit14.22
Ban Tambon Si Yaek Khlong Hok WaBan Tha Kacha (1)31.94
Ban Tha KhlongBan Tham Ta Ban (1)18.07
Ban ThungBan Wat Phlap11.26
Ban Wat Phlap Chiang Rak Noi (1)Ban Wat Pho Thong14.83
Ban Wat Sadet (1)Ban Wat Sadet (2)1.85
Lam Luk KaLat Lum Kaeo37.64
Nong SuaPathum Thani34.86
Sam KhokThanya Buri24.02
Ban Bang KhanBan Bung Bang Pla Ra36.39