Distance Calculator and Driving Directions Sukhothai (Thailand)

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Distance From Address, Place, City etc.
Distance To Address, Place, City etc.
Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Ban NaSi Satchanalai54.07
SawankhalokKhiri Mat52.97
SukhothaiBan Dong Duai23.84
Ban Dong YangBan Khlong Kluai40.81
Ban Khlong Samrong (1)Ban Kok Raet (1)9.12
Ban Pong DaengBan Prak Rak (1)3.76
Ban Thai Rua HakBan Bung34.83
Ban Khlong MemBan Mai Suk Kasem5.63
Ban Wang I SungBan Mae Rak Tai78.22
Ban Mae Rak NoiBan Nam Rai5.9
Ban Pak SaBan Huai Yuak17.91
Ban Bung SuaiBan Pak2.26
Ban Nong NaeBan Chao Rai10.77
Ban Nikhom SahakonBan Dong16.16
Ban Nong Phak BungBan Than Cha-om7.22
Ban Na PhongBan Tha Wiset9.47
Ban Khlong YoBan Ko Wang Kiat7.66
Ban Na PhongBan Wang Mut2.28
Ban Nong KachotBan Wang Thong Daeng10.52
Ban Wang LukBan Chalat Rakhang11.73
Ban Bang KhlongBan Bang Kraban (1)9.1
Ban Bang PaBan Bang Wan10.46
Ban Bo ThongBan Bung51.65
Ban Chom SangBan Dan27.22
Ban Dan Lan HoiBan Dong Yai Pa74.79
Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Ban Don RabiangBan Duk14.93
Ban Hang TalatBan Hat Saphan Phrachan53.86
Ban Hat SieoBan Huai Yuak28.33
Ban KaengBan Kasong48.53
Ban Khlong HaengBan Khlong Khaneng10.09
Ban Khlong Krachong (1)Ban Khlong Tan6.64
Ban Khon Mai SungBan Khung Yang (1)19.4
Ban KhwangBan Kluai1.6
Ban Ko Ta LiangBan Krai Klang21.33
Ban Krai NaiBan Krang4.11
Ban KruBan Muang Kao25.62
Ban Na Ka Long (1)Ban Nam Mai48.45
Ban Nong BuaBan Nong Bua31.28
Ban Nong Bua (1)Ban Nong Chang67.13
Ban Nong Chik Ka Chai (1)Ban Nong Ian96.62
Ban Nong KlapBan Nong Kok44.36
Ban Nong NaeBan Nong O36.17
Ban Nong TapBan Nong Thong57.5
Ban Pa FaekBan Pak Khayang64.98
Ban Pak Khlong ChangBan Pa Kluai25.87
Ban Pak NamBan Pak Phra33.84
Ban Pa Muang (1)Ban Phu63.62
Ban Pok TabaekBan Pom20.91
Ban RaiBan Rai11.56
Ban Rong RiangBan Sam Phuang46.33

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