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Mongolia Driving Distance Calculator, calculates the Distance and Driving Directions between two addresses, places, cities, villages, towns or airports in Mongolia.
This distance and driving directions will also be displayed on an interactive map labeled as Distance Map and Driving Directions Mongolia.
The distance between cities of Mongolia is calculated in kilometers(kms), miles and nautical miles. Distance in miles gives you the mileage between cities by this Mongolia mileage calculator.
Mongolia Distance Chart (Distance Table): For your quick reference, below is a Distance Chart or Distance Table of distances between some of the major cities in Mongolia.
[Note: The distance between cities in Mongolia distance chart below is straight line distance (may be called as flying or air distance) between the two locations in Mongolia calculated based on their latitudes and longitudes. This distance may be very much different from the actual travel distance.]

Mongolia Distance Calculator and Driving Distance Between Cities

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Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Ulaanbaatar (Ulaanbaatar)Erdenet (Orhon)242.95
Ulaangom (Uvs)Hovd (South Hangay)962.5
Moron (Hovsgol)Suhbaatar (Selenge)437.61
Bayanhongor (Bayanhongor)Dzuunharaa (Selenge)529.7
Dzuunmod (Central)Bulgan (Bulgan)281.27
Baruun-Urt (Suhbaatar)Mandalgovi (Middle Govi)548.53
Dalandzadgad (South Govi)Ondorhaan (Hentiy)639.92
Choyr ()Tosontsengel (Dzavhan)800.94
Ulaan Ergiin Hural (South Govi)Ehin Dzagiin Hural (South Govi)30.09
Tabuy Modonii Hural (East Gobi Aymag)Tsagaan Bulagiin Hural (East Gobi Aymag)11.54
Solonker (East Gobi Aymag)Dzadagayta Hiid (East Gobi Aymag)4.09
Bayan Oboo Hiid (East Gobi Aymag)Sulanheer (East Gobi Aymag)43.64
Tu-tzu-han-su-hai (Bayanhongor)Baga Modo Hiid (South Govi)652.95
Bulang (East Gobi Aymag)Tsagaan Geriin Hural (East Gobi Aymag)38.45
Obooto Hural (South Govi)Doloo Sharadzagiin Sume (South Govi)375.58
Erdenetsogt (South Govi)Jibhalanta Suma (South Govi)47.31
Huruutayn Hural (East Gobi Aymag)Gandzagatayn Huryee (South Govi)644.98
Bayan Ovoo (South Govi)Toliin Dzoo Hiid (East Gobi Aymag)312.97
Tsagaan Subarga Hural (South Govi)Tsogtsol Sume (South Govi)506.23
Shabi Hural (East Gobi Aymag)Bata Oldzeyte Hural (East Gobi Aymag)140.71
Demchig Hiid (South Govi)Burgaasa (Hovsgol)1048.87
Hovuun (South Govi)Ojimin Hural (South Govi)114.77
Shuluutayn Hiid (South Govi)Nalihin Dugang (South Govi)128.33
Ihbulag (South Govi)Urt (South Govi)498.4
Tost (South Govi)Hoboriin Hiid (East Gobi Aymag)763.16
Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Hashaata Hiid (East Gobi Aymag)Tsoohor (South Govi)390.57
Godoli Balgasanii Hiid (South Govi)Tsagaan Deresenii Hural (South Govi)126.7
Tsabchiriin Hural (East Gobi Aymag)Hutag-Uul (East Gobi Aymag)173.67
Elesenii Tsagaan Oboo Hural (East Gobi Aymag)Habchil Ortoo (South Govi)520.98
Buuraiin Hural (East Gobi Aymag)Hongor Oboo Suma (South Govi)560.95
Dalay (South Govi)Argalinta Suma (South Govi)91.9
Bumbata (East Gobi Aymag)Naran Bulag Horshoo (East Gobi Aymag)51.11
Shireeteyn Hiid (South Govi)Baruun Goyotoyn Hiid (South Govi)390.63
Oldzeyte Hural (East Gobi Aymag)Nuden (East Gobi Aymag)114.1
Hushuu Hural (South Govi)Aylbayan (East Gobi Aymag)402.45
Baruunsuu (South Govi)Tsohyootoyn Hiid (South Govi)117.52
Dashilingiin Hural (South Govi)Borhoyn Tal (East Gobi Aymag)463.75
Honichin Hural (East Gobi Aymag)Lamaiin Huryee (South Govi)428.36
Baruun Hural (South Govi)Sayhan Hobor Hiid (East Gobi Aymag)428.24
Deresenii Hural (East Gobi Aymag)Ogoomor (South Govi)425.6
Mani Hiid (South Govi)Artsatayn Shiliin Hiid (South Govi)38.79
Nuden-hudag (East Gobi Aymag)Norboiin Salbari Horshoo (South Govi)543.88
Hadaum-shand (East Gobi Aymag)Dashi Choynbil Hiid (South Govi)220.29
Shulen (South Govi)Dugang Goliin Hural (South Govi)436.05
Doboiin Hiid (South Govi)Nardn (East Gobi Aymag)267.88
Argalant (East Gobi Aymag)UEydzen (South Govi)260.74
Dochiin Hural (South Govi)Bulgan (South Govi)229.5
Uula Hiid (East Gobi Aymag)Uydzen Ortoo (South Govi)277.98
Enger Hulasa (East Gobi Aymag)Dalayn Hural (Middle Govi)413.01
Hanaiin Tsagaan Subarga Hiid (South Govi)Bayan Bulagiin Hural (South Govi)204.41