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This is an online tool to calculate the Distance and Driving Directions between two addresses, places, cities, villages, towns or airports in Brunei.
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The distance between cities of Brunei is calculated in kilometers(kms), miles and nautical miles. Distance in miles gives you the mileage between cities by this Brunei mileage calculator.
Brunei Distance Chart (Distance Table): For your quick reference, below is a Distance Chart or Distance Table of distances between some of the major cities in Brunei.
[Note: The distance between cities in Brunei distance chart below is straight line distance (may be called as flying or air distance) between the two locations in Brunei calculated based on their latitudes and longitudes. This distance may be very much different from the actual travel distance.]

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Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Bandar Seri Begawan ()Kuala Belait ()89.55
Seria ()Tutong ()42.19
Bangar ()Batu Apoi ()4.13
Bukit Puan ()Istana Darul Hana ()64.72
Kampong Abang ()Kampong Amo ()43.12
Kampong Ampar ()Kampong Baharu ()2.62
Kampong Bakaladong ()Kampong Bandong ()24.85
Kampong Bangana ()Kampong Bang Togor ()11.69
Kampong Bantun ()Kampong Baru Baru ()35.34
Kampong Batang Duri ()Kampong Batong ()44.77
Kampong Batu Empat ()Kampong Batu Empat ()13.08
Kampong Batu Lapan ()Kampong Batu Marang ()23.15
Kampong Bawong ()Kampong Bebatek ()14.89
Kampong Belaban ()Kampong Belayong ()5.23
Kampong Benutan ()Kampong Berakas ()45.19
Kampong Berangan ()Kampong Berbunot ()9.42
Kampong Beribi ()Kampong Biang ()35.35
Kampong Bibit ()Kampong Binchaya ()40.52
Kampong Bintauran ()Kampong Birau ()9.45
Kampong Buangang ()Kampong Buang Bulan ()44.94
Kampong Buangsakar ()Kampong Buang Tawar ()4.14
Kampong Bukit ()Kampong Bukit Bang Tangur ()5.84
Kampong Bukit Kota ()Kampong Bukit Panggal ()14.94
Kampong Bukit Sulang ()Kampong Bukit Tambai ()12.97
Kampong Bukok ()Kampong Bunot ()28.91
Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Kampong Burong Pingai ()Kampong Burong Pingai Berakas ()44.48
Kampong Danau ()Kampong Delima ()45.45
Kampong Empat Setengah ()Kampong Gadong ()5.23
Kampong Ikas ()Kampong Imang ()7.41
Kampong Jangsak ()Kampong Jerudong ()7.64
Kampong Junjongan ()Kampong Kalamasi ()11.68
Kampong Kandang ()Kampong Kapok ()51.35
Kampong Kasat ()Kampong Katimahar ()16.72
Kampong Katok ()Kampong Kayu Kapur ()32.72
Kampong Kebia ()Kampong Kebun ()1.85
Kampong Kelalang ()Kampong Keluyoh ()19.9
Kampong Kenua ()Kampong Kerangan Nyatan ()54.61
Kampong Keriam ()Kampong Kiajong ()15.7
Kampong Kiarong ()Kampong Kiudang ()26.28
Kampong Kiulap ()Kampong Kobong ()32.35
Kampong Kota Batu ()Kampong Kuala Abang ()35.9
Kampong Kuala Tutong ()Kampong Kuala Ungar ()19.95
Kampong Kupang ()Kampong Labut ()36.81
Kampong Lambak ()Kampong Lamunin ()40.75
Kampong Layong ()Kampong Lepong ()43.48
Kampong Lilas ()Kampong Limau Manis ()33.71
Kampong Limpas ()Kampong Lopat ()35.55
Kampong Luagan Dudok ()Kampong Lubok Pulau ()6.67
Kampong Lubok Tanjong Maya ()Kampong Lugu ()20.93
Kampong Lumapas ()Kampong Lupak Luas ()2.62
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