Distance Calculator and Driving Directions Uruguay

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Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Montevideo (Montevideo)Salto (Salto)420.97
Paysandu (Paysandu)Las Piedras (Canelones Department)317.93
Rivera (Rivera)Maldonado (Maldonado Department)447.89
Tacuarembo (Tacuarembo)Melo (Cerro Largo Department)183.67
Mercedes (Soriano Department)Artigas (Artigas Department)349.76
Minas (Lavalleja Department)San Jose de Mayo (San Jose)136.69
Durazno (Durazno)Florida (Florida Department)80.37
Treinta y Tres (Treinta y Tres)Rocha (Rocha)139.06
San Carlos (Maldonado Department)Pando (Canelones Department)94.85
Fray Bentos (Rio Negro)Colonia del Sacramento (Colonia Department)153.95
Trinidad (Flores)La Paz (Canelones Department)149.09
Canelones (Canelones Department)Delta del Tigre (San Jose)28.5
Carmelo (Colonia Department)Santa Lucia (Canelones Department)181.71
Progreso (Canelones Department)Young (Rio Negro)256.25
Dolores (Soriano Department)Paso de Carrasco (Canelones Department)245.6
Rio Branco (Cerro Largo Department)Juan L. Lacaze (Colonia Department)424.95
Paso de los Toros (Durazno)Bella Union (Artigas Department)302.76
Chuy (Rocha)Nueva Helvecia (Colonia Department)355.44
Nueva Palmira (Colonia Department)Libertad (San Jose)185.04
Rosario (Colonia Department)Colonia Nicolich (Canelones Department)131.64
Piriapolis (Maldonado Department)Castillos (Rocha)155.85
Tranqueras (Rivera)Sarandi del Yi (Durazno)239.31
Punta del Este (Maldonado Department)Pan de Azucar (Maldonado Department)31.8
San Ramon (Canelones Department)Lascano (Rocha)177.45
Sarandi Grande (Florida Department)Joaquin Suarez (Canelones Department)114.51
Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Tarariras (Colonia Department)Sauce (Canelones Department)148.07
Jose Pedro Varela (Lavalleja Department)Guichon (Paysandu)277.36
Tala (Canelones Department)Barra de Carrasco (Canelones Department)63.37
Cardona (Soriano Department)Atlantida (Canelones Department)179.28
Vichadero (Rivera)Toledo (Canelones Department)351.44
Empalme Olmos (Canelones Department)Vergara (Treinta y Tres)266.51
San Jacinto (Canelones Department)Santa Rosa (Canelones Department)15.26
Florencio Sanchez (Colonia Department)Minas de Corrales (Rivera)313.19
Ombues de Lavalle (Colonia Department)La Paloma (Rocha)342.52
Tomas Gomensoro (Artigas Department)Quebracho (Paysandu)173.98
Constitucion (Salto)Solis de Mataojo (Lavalleja Department)448.39
Villa del Carmen (Durazno)Aigua (Maldonado Department)157.73
Casupa (Florida Department)Rodriguez (San Jose)90.73
Isidoro Noblia (Cerro Largo Department)Baltasar Brum (Artigas Department)323.33
Nuevo Berlin (Rio Negro)Jose Batlle y Ordonez (Lavalleja Department)278.07
Ecilda Paullier (San Jose)Santa Clara de Olimar (Treinta y Tres)252.54
Las Toscas (Canelones Department)Migues (Canelones Department)28.46
Las Piedras (Artigas Department)Jose Enrique Rodo (Soriano Department)383.61
Los Cerrillos (Canelones Department)Belen (Salto)445.4
Pajas Blancas (Montevideo)Palmitas (Soriano Department)198.59
San Bautista (Canelones Department)Veinticinco de Mayo (Florida Department)42.51
Veinticinco de Agosto (Florida Department)Soca (Canelones Department)72.44
San Javier (Rio Negro)Mariscala (Lavalleja Department)346.19
Montes (Canelones Department)Cebollati (Rocha)215.43
La Paloma (Durazno)Acegua (Cerro Largo Department)162.01

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