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Distance Calculator and Driving Directions Darnah (Libya)

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This is an online tool to calculate the Distance and Driving Directions between two cities, villages, towns or airports in Darnah (Libya).
To use this Darnah (Libya) Distance Calculator and Driving Directions, follow the steps mentioned below,

  • Enter the "Distance From" city, village or town name from Darnah (Libya) in the "Distance From City, Village, Town Or Airport" text box.
  • Enter the "Distance To" city, village or town name from Darnah (Libya) in the "Distance To City, Village, Town Or Airport" text box and click search button next to it.
  • You can also enter airport name or code from Darnah (Libya) in above fields.
  • This will display the search result for the entered data in Darnah (Libya); Select the desired City/Village/Town/Airport from both the result list.
  • Click the "Calculate Distance and Get Driving Directions" button to get the distance between the selected cities/towns/villages/airports in Darnah (Libya).

This distance and driving directions will also be displayed on google map labeled as Distance Map and Driving Directions Darnah (Libya).
The distance between cities of Darnah (Libya) is estimated in kilometers(kms), in miles and nautical miles. Distance in miles gives you the mileage between cities by this Darnah (Libya) mileage calculator.

Distance From City, Village, Town Or Airport:

Distance To City, Village, Town Or Airport:


Note: The distance between cities in Libya distance chart below is straight line distance (may be called as flying or air distance) between the two locations in Libya calculated based on their latitudes and longitudes. This distance may be very much different from the actual travel distance.

Darnah (Libya) Distance Chart (Distance Table): For your quick reference, below is a Distance Chart or Distance Table of distances between some of the major cities in Darnah (Libya).

Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
DarnahAl `Izziyat247.92
At TamimiBamba9.7
Umm ar RizamZawiyat al `Izziyat44.41