Distance Calculator and Driving Directions Cambodia

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Distance To Address, Place, City etc.
Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Phnom Penh ()Kampong Saom (Khett Kampot)185.15
Batdambang (Khett Batdambang)Siemreab (Khett Siem Reab)76.35
Kampong Chhnang (Kampong Chhnang)Kampong Cham (Kampong Cham)89.58
Pouthisat (Pouthisat)Ta Khmau (Kandal)162.05
Phumi Veal Sre (Takev)Kampong Spoe (Khett Kampong Spoe)58.62
Krong Kaoh Kong (Kaoh Kong)Phnum Tbeng Meanchey (Preah Vihear)325.87
Sisophon (Phnum Penh)Kampot (Khett Kampot)354.72
Kracheh (Kracheh)Kampong Thum (Kampong Thum)123.55
Lumphat (Khett Rotanah Kiri)Pailin ()478.97
Krong Keb (Khett Kampot)Senmonourom (Mondol Kiri)382.79
Sen monorom (Mondol Kiri)Phumi Smach Ngam (Kaoh Kong)471.81
Phumi Khlong ()Phumi Badin Niev ()1.94
Phumi Thang Mai ()Phumi Pahi ()0.76
Phumi Ta Vav ()Phumi O Poet ()3.44
Phumi Ta Ngen Thmei ()Phumi Sala Krau (2) ()9.41
Samlot ()Phumi O Da ()13.55
Phumi Monoas Kal ()Phumi Changho ()5.84
Phumi Sralau Tong ()Phumi Khloeng (Khett Batdambang)97.73
Phumi Ponsay Etbong (Khett Batdambang)Phumi Pongro (Khett Siem Reab)52.4
Phumi Bos (Khett Siem Reab)Phumi Leuslup (Stoeng Treng)373.85
Phumi Kiribas kandal (Khett Rotanah Kiri)Amleang (Kampong Chhnang)367.44
Angk Khleang (Kampong Thum)Angk Snuol (Phnum Penh)171.87
Angk Tasaom (Takev)Anlong (Mondol Kiri)297.2
Anlong Veng (Khett Siem Reab)Antong Sar (Kaoh Kong)382.17
Arai (Pouthisat)Bahal (Preah Vihear)215.7
Distance From CityDistance To CityDistance (km)
Bak Anlong (Khett Siem Reab)Ba Kev (Khett Rotanah Kiri)307.55
Bak Prea (Khett Batdambang)Bamnak (Pouthisat)139.92
Ba Nev (Khett Rotanah Kiri)Bangkan (Kampong Thum)201.32
Ban Pung (Stoeng Treng)Ban San Keo (Stoeng Treng)29.9
Barayn (Kampong Thum)Bat Doeng (Khett Kampong Spoe)89.93
Bat Rokar (Takev)Bat Trang (Khett Batdambang)297.54
Boeng Char (Kracheh)Boeng Lvea (Kampong Thum)63.46
Bok Kou (Khett Kampot)Bong Long (Khett Rotanah Kiri)470.86
Bos Chek Prey (Kampong Cham)Bos Mon Leu (Svay Rieng)135.4
Buy Phlok (Mondol Kiri)Chakrei Ting (Khett Kampot)343.54
Chambak (Kampong Cham)Chambak Dangkom (Khett Kampong Spoe)209.64
Chamkar Kaoh (Kaoh Kong)Chamlang Kou (1) (Kaoh Kong)120.47
Chamlang Kou (2) (Kaoh Kong)Chamnar (Kaoh Kong)104.21
Chantrea (Svay Rieng)Chbar (Mondol Kiri)242.82
Chheb Kandal (Preah Vihear)Chheuteal (Kampong Thum)77.69
Chhke Prus (1) (Kaoh Kong)Chhke Prus (2) (Kaoh Kong)3.71
Chhke Prus (3) (Kaoh Kong)Chhnok Tru (Kampong Chhnang)192.38
Chikha (Kaoh Kong)Chimeal (Kaoh Kong)23.71
Chiphu (Svay Rieng)Chisang (Khett Batdambang)400.88
Choam Ksant (Preah Vihear)Choam Kravien (Kampong Cham)311.79
Choam Sre (Preah Vihear)Chong Cheach (Kampong Cham)270.64
Chong Kal (Khett Siem Reab)Chrouy Changvar (Phnum Penh)303.62
Chumnoab (Kaoh Kong)Dambe (Kampong Cham)253.6
Dambok Khpos (Khett Kampong Spoe)Dang Kda (Kampong Thum)184.09
Dei Roneat (Pouthisat)Don Ba (Khett Batdambang)66.33

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